Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Your Last Meal

I was listening to Joe Starkey on the FAN this afternoon and he posed the question, "If you could only have one piece of pie for the rest of you life what would it be and why?" It made me think of this question: If you could have a last meal planned what would it be? Also, would you be able to enjoy it knowing it was your last meal. Here is what I came up with and keep in mind that I am not trying to be thematic with my choices.
Appetizer: Shrimp Ceviche, this is the taste of Ecuador for me, just add some fried plantains and it takes me back to the beaches of Ecuador and great memories.
Soup: Chili, I could eat a bowl of good chili at any time of day.
Salad: Traditional House Salad with Italian dressing, nothing fancy just add some feta cheese.
Main Course: New York Strip Steak grilled medium well with some A1. This was a tough choice, but it had a narrow margin over my Aunt's Lasagna.
Side Dish: My mom's Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. I could eat a whole plate of these without a drop of gravy.
Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, to me it is the best of the pie and cake world in one.
Cocktail: Johnny Walker Blue Label on the rocks, I love Black and would want the best. 2nd place to a Margarita on the rocks, I have really grown to like margaritas recently.
Drink: Schneider's Peach Iced Tea, I loved these 1 pinters from BPHS cafeteria.
After Dinner Drink: Ecuadorian Coffee, it is the best I drink and brings back good memories.


  1. Or instead of the coffee and tea keep drinking johnny blue like at firehouse

  2. I would have to go with homemade spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and a regular salad (lettuce, tomatoes,cheese, carrots, olives, broccoli, peppers, snow peas, banana peppers, celery, and cauliflower) with Red Bull Tri-pepper spicy Italian dressing.

    Drink - Red Kool Aid

    Dessert - some kind of pie that needs to be refrigerated like key lime or oreo, or Dairy Queen ice-cream cake

  3. I'd go with chili and tortilla chips with some Scottish style ale to drink. Carrot cake and coffee for desert.