Saturday, April 30, 2011

NRA in the 'Burgh

The NRA Convention in Pittsburgh is in full force proudly advertising "Acres of Guns and Gear."  The City is being overwhelmed with an expected 70,000 gun enthusiasts, collectors, and fearful nuts.  Their impact is already being felt on the city as downtown Pittsburgh was a traffic nightmare on Friday along with their boycott of popular restaurant Primanti Brothers.  Even redneck icons such as Jeff Foxworthy and Mike Huckabee have descended upon our beloved city for this special event.  Also there is nothing like guns to bring a family together as this piece portrays.  

Taking in the scenes of this event in person would be optimal for blogging but I think it would be a waste of $10 when I can just watch the ludicrous interviews on the news and read ridiculous quotes in the newspaper for free.  If I'm lucky I'll see some mulleted mustached men and women wearing camouflage (the only true patriots) trolling around town....we can only hope. 


  1. I like the one quote: "the NRA loves kids."

    Gotta get those recruits early!

  2. I loved a comment from a guy that looked like Kenny Powers and his daughter as they both said they could not wait to get their first gun. Then there was a dim wit nerd from Mt. Lebanon saying how he loves to teach gun safety to his family. Nothing says family like a warm gun.