Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pittsburgh's Muse

Ever open the Classified Section in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and wonder who the mulleted yinzer-looking fellow is pictured on the 'Celebrations' page?  This middle-aged man's name is Billy Nadozzi and every Tuesday for the past six or seven years Mr. Nardozzi submits a poem to Post Gazette with a picture of himself.  He even leaves his phone number at the bottom of his poems to get feedback from readers.  The minstrel does indeed get feedback from readers both positive and negative and his popularity has grown over the years.  When not writing poetry the Green Tree resident is busy packing bottles for the Liquor Control Board. 
The Pittsburgh Post Gazette's Brian O'Neil wrote a piece on Nardozzi in 2009 and it really captured the spirit of the man readers have come to known over the years.

Here is a sample of the Pittsburgh poet laureate's work that one will find each week. Here is a little taste from PPG 4/19/11:  Happy Easter!

"What Is Easter"
It is watching the movies
"The Ten Commandments"
& "The Robe"
And thee aroma of the food
Cooking on the stove

 And it is wearing your finest
And going to church
And then watching the kids
As they frantically search

For the basket the bunny
Brought the night before
With all of its goodies
And so much more

And it is having dinner
And a glass of wine
With the family and friends
Who had come to dine

And it is talking with grandma
And grandpa too
And sharing the memories
Of long past due

And it is "celebrating" the day
That our Lord had risen
And had saved all our souls
From being imprisoned

Have A "Happy Easter"
And please remember:

"Somebunny Loves You"

Billy Nardozzi
(412) 921-xxxx

P.S. "Hello" to "Big Dog" !!!
And "Hello" to "Bob M." & "Bridget C." & "Kate W."
And a "Fond Hello"
to "John Fedko"


  1. What a yinzer, in name and person.

  2. How does he have time to write such beautiful poems when his mullet is so perfectly styled? That has to take most of his day to perfect.

  3. At the end of one of his poems he gave a shout out to Sergio's Hair in Dormont