Friday, April 15, 2011

Live Blog: Outside the Consol

Pills, Zuk and I decided to take in the recent tradition of watching Penguin playoff games on a big screen TV outside of the arena. They like to call it Mario's TV, not sure if he actually bought the TV or it was even his idea, but I'll roll with it.  The three of us, donned in Penguin jerseys (yeah we were wearing them), lugged a couple of folding chairs through a windy but sunny 65 degree evening in downtown Pittsburgh and arrived at or destination; the old Civic Arena parking lot.  Upon entering we were told that alcohol is prohibited and one will immediately be ejected and may spend a night in the county jail if caught.

6:50pm arrive at Civic Arena parking lot, usher tells us we "can't squat here" but find spot close to screen anyway.  This place is an absolute yinzer fest: young and old. I haven't seen this many yinzers in one place since the '97 South Park Rib Fest.
7:08 pm they are passing out towels, people are going after them like vulchers on a dead carcass
7:12pm too busy blogging to realize the game started

'Mario's TV'
7:15pm Tampa scores on 4 on 4, people kind of pissed but not overly upset
7:24pm Tampa's Lecavalier scores; 2-0 Lighting. People still not that upset. Long way to go still
7:34 Kovalev takes one of his patented lazy penalties
7:43pm some guy named Thompson scores for Tampa making it 3-0. The wind is starting to pick up and crowd is in disbelief.
7:49pm end of the first period, pens trail 3-0. Time to check on the Buccos?
7:55pm fringe Pittsburgh celebs Mikey and Big Bob from 96.1 Kiss FM standing behind us. Little kid with an Oliver from the Brady Bunch haircut getting his picture with him

Mikey and Big Bob
8:04pm. Guy with a mullet, mustache and wrinkled Malkin jersey walks by us 8;06pm Second period begins and its starting to get chilly
8:16pm Tampa really taking it to the Pens
8:17pm told by 'Big Bob' to stand up because we will be seen on the jumbotron inside of the arena
8:20pm Adams scores!!! 3-1 Tampa
8:27pm KDKA's Paul Martino setting up shop, Pens dictating play
8:35pm word around our inner circle is that Mr. Electric, Charlie Morton is mowing down the Reds and Walker hit a big HR 5-0 Bucs
8:43pm Lecavalier scores again with 14 seconds remaining in second period on the pp
8:45pm End of second period, Lighting lead 4-1
8:57pm its approaching 9pm and Pittsburghers turn into pumpkins after 9pm; the tradition of people leaving an event early no matter what the score or night of the week begins. We all know there is a lot of important business to take care of so we got to get home ASAP, especially on a Friday night.
8:58pm 'Oliver' is running and takes a spill in front of us. I'm glad my parents didn't get me a haircut like that when I was little
9:02pm looking at people inside of the arena watching the game on Mario's TV through the window. Seems like a waste of money to me to be inside
9:11pm Sorry to report that not much going on inside or outside
9:20pm really starting to clear out now, many have given up
9:25pm Steigy getting really annoying and commentary is asinine at this point especially the anecdote he shared about his conversation with Steve Yzerman...If I want to hear something absurd I'd try to find brother John on some station right now
9:34pm Legendary Sega Genesis NHL '96 star Mattias Ohlund scores an empty net goal to make it 5-1 Tampa. Let the fights begin...
9:40pm Game over Tampa wins 5-1, series tied 1-1

Watching games outside on the big screen started a few years ago and I never had any desire to be amongst hundreds of people watching a game, I like to focus squarely on the game without any distractions, but it was okay.  The crowd wasn't as raucous as I anticipated, the sound was fine and the spot we chose to watch from was adequate.  I'm glad I did it once.  As for the Pens, we'll get 'em next time.


  1. Haha, love the "fringe celebrity" comment. Wish I could be with you guys, but I'm watching the baby while Evelyn goes out tonight. Plus, I don't like public gatherings that don't allow booze.

  2. wish i could have been there too, but probably more exciting to watch on the big screen in june, when the weather's better and the cup is up for grabs. as a former goalie with numerous superstitions, i'd like to request that you never do this again, for the sake of the pens. . .

  3. I am glad I did that at least one. Now, I can say I have done it, but I also would not be sad if I never did it again. I was very indifferent to it.

  4. Did anyone read the article that Fiore of 'Outtakes with Fiore' fame, and Bethel Park substitute teacher, has inside "sources" that are saying that the Civic Arena will be imploded as part of the Batman filming?

  5. Not that I would ever believe Outtakes with Fiore, but I also know that the director prefers live action to CGI - the hospital explosion scene in the Dark Knight was a series of real explosions on a building that was scheduled to be demolished.

  6. We could have another 'plosion party up top mt warshington....

    Good article Rob. I forgot all about Ohlund haha