Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ultimate Pittsburgh Bar Crawl

An old work colleague of my dad and his friends were sitting around Piper's Pub in the Southside one night and a member of the 'Pitt Stop' group proclaimed that the City of Pittsburgh had eighty-eight neighborhoods.  Of course they started writing as many as they could down on napkins at the bar.  Then an idea was born to have a drink in every neighborhood in the city.  The crawl began in 2007 at the Terrace Room in the Central Business District (Downtown) and concluded in 2008 at the Harp and Fiddle in the Strip District.  During the final stop on the tour the group dressed up in tuxedos to celebrate their accomplishment.  They went to places frequently scene driving through small neighborhoods like The Huddle in Beechview, Down the Road Saloon in Arlington (didn't realize that was considered Arlington) and even stopped at bars in the seedy parts of town like Homewood and Mt. Oliver.  Pitt Stop members created a blog with reviews and pictures of each bar they visited to document their experience which I have linked below.  

Sadly it looks as if they passed on a few of the Blast Furnace's hot spots, like Kopy's and Gene's.

See link for blog:  http://pittstops2007.blogspot.com/2007/06/pitt-stops-concept-and-origin.html



  1. That was pretty cool. I still want to do the world tour on the South Side.

  2. that would be a good one, a little easier than the neighborhood bar tour.

    Pipers, Hafbrahaus, Claddagh, Sokol Club