Thursday, April 7, 2011

Double M's Pizza Guns for Safety

The sign board outside Double M's Pizza serves as a warning to would-be criminals and a recommendation to his employees: "We Now Carry."  Having come face-to-face with a would-be armed robber, North Charleroi Pizza Shop owner Mark Miller has some advice - protect yourself; pack heat.

A white male dressed in black wearing a black ski mask, walked into the shop at 372 Pennsylvania Ave., 10:45 p.m. Saturday, brandishing a shotgun and demanding money.  "I picked up a dough tray and went behind there and told my driver, 'Get your cell phone. Call the police. Let's go, let's go!'" Miller recounted

Miller said the robber walked back outside, got into a car and drove away. He said this was the first time in eight years his business has been targeted by a thief. No injuries were reported, but the owner said he doesn't want to take any chances so he's urging employees to arm themselves while working.

Miller's stance has been met with guarded support from the law enforcement community.  Is it coincidental that the robbery occurred in a town with a police force of one full-time officer.  "Would a lessened level of police service contribute to the occurrence of these issues?" said Southwest Regional Police Chief John Hartman,  "It could. If that wasn't true, why would communities pay for police?"

Now for the absurd quotes from the Washington County District Attorney Steve Toprani ; "You have to exercise due care and be cautious."  Dangerous weapons exist for a reason - to protect.  You have to be fully cognizant of the dangers of carrying a deadly weapon. When you carry a firearm, you have to be willing to use it."

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  1. Best quote which is actually pretty idiotic, "Dangerous weapons exist for a reason -to protect."