Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Worst. Column. Ever.

SI.com's Hot Clicks is one of my must-visit sites for when I take a quick mental break at work. It's just links and pics so it's quick to get through. Today's edition was especially delightful as it ripped on John Steigerwald. Steigy's latest column blames the fan who got attacked in the parking lot of a Dodgers game and is now in a coma for wearing a Giants jersey in the first place. If you've ever read Steigy's blog, with all its attention-whoring and mispellings, you know that this bothers him greatly for some reason. In his mind, real, mustachioed men like him don't wear jerseys with the names of other men on the back. That would totally be gay, which neither him nor his dad are, really.

Also, as a bonus, today's Hot Clicks also had this video of people hanging up the phone in movies without saying "goodbye." This drives me nuts and is something I always point out to Evelyn while we're watching television. I'm glad someone else with better technical skills than me has noticed it.

Update: Boom! Just saw that Deadspin is also showcasing the stupidity of Steigy. You know though, this is all Steigy has now, to say something outrageous and hope for some attention. And when he hits on something, it just validates his existence. It won't be until he's completely ignored that he'll finally go away.


  1. Steigy's an a**, I don't know what his problem is with people. He hates how they wear jerseys, hates tailgating, hates buying food at games. He was on 'DVE this morning with this jersey hating crusade and callers were blasting him the whole rest of the show. Sorry your childhood was so terrible and you couldn't have fun at a game.

  2. Great post. Let me make a few comments.

    I'll start with the movie hang ups. I am not sure if I knowingly noticed that or not, but that is true. I always end by calls with some closing. If someone doesn't close I usually call back thinking I got cut off.

    Now on to Johnny Boy. He is an idiot for so many reaosns.
    1. I wear a jersey because it is the most authentic team apparel and I would rather wear something nicer than a t-shirt. Plus, I don't want to invest too much in team gear since I only wear the stuff besides from my own school on game days. It is a big investment, so I want the best if I logically will use it for the rest of my life. I do not collect jerseys. I just have one per team.

    2. If I were at a game as a press member I am sure that I would follow the standard dress rules and dress professionally. If you are going for work purposes dress code rules differ substantially.

    3. People all over the world wear the team uniforms. I mean even baseball managers wear the uniform. I don't think anyone logically thinks this will help the team in anyway, it is just supporting your team.

    4. The reason why people wore 'normal' clothes back in the 50's is because this sports clothing was not available to the general public. Jerseys are a phenomenon that began in the early 90's with rappers wearing NBA jerseys and it spread from there. People didn't wear jerseys because there was no option to do so. It wasn't until recently that jerseys became affordable as well.

    5. Mr. Mustache is a tool. He writes so nostalgically about the old days, it is just a matter of time before he talks about how baseball was better when the Negroe Leagues existed.

  3. Steigy is an idiot - only ohio state fans deserve to be beaten to near-death for wearing their team jerseys.

    Didn't realize steigerwald has fallen to the low valley of the observer-reporter. When did he lose his spot on KDKA?

  4. He hasn't been on TV for a while. He just self-publishes books, writes a horrible blog where he says outrageous things for attention, and shows up on talk radio every once in a while to spew some ridiculousness, such as men shouldn't wear jerseys. Basically just letting everyone know that he's got it figured out.

  5. He has been off of KDKA for a while now, he just writes some stupid blog and does some radio interviews.

    He is also against recycling and Mr. Rogers. It's funny he is one of those hard core right wingers that doesn't want the "govment" in his life telling him what to do but he doesn't have a problem pushing his wacko views on people. Are we allowed to wear t-shirts and hats to games or is that forbidden in Steigy land too?If someone wants to wear a jersey they can wear one.

  6. God do I hate John Steigerwald. It looks like he fixed all the mistakes listed on si.com. That's pretty funny that he had a typo in the headline, didn't get the guys name right and didn't know what town the guy was from. Any journalist knows to always get his facts straight before publishing the final copy. Wait... why was he fired again???

    oh and steve, absolutely agree.